Wakaf Rumah

Wakaf Rumah

Items include 4 x 5 meter house, Tiang & Lantai Kayu, Bumbung & Dinding Zinc.

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There are still villages that are living under poverty with no proper shelter to live in. More than 40 families in need for a better house as their current house are in poor state and fire hazard. Therefore, this wakaf house project aims to provide proper shelter for families who are living in poverty. We will build a high floor house to avoid any flood. A plot of land will be purchase for them to build the house.

There are still 3 districts and over 6 villages are waiting for sponsorship for this project. Each house can be shared up to 6 people.

Developing human & environmental well being, augmenting both social and spiritual benefits.

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The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said “A person is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbour goes hungry.” (Hadith Bukhari)


"With the child there is aqiqah, then blood flow to him, and get rid of something harmful to him." (The meaning of the hadith of Tirmidzi's history).


"When Adam's son dies, his actions will be cut off except for three things: charity, the use of knowledge and the righteous child who prays for it" Hadith of Muslim History.


"The boys were brought to the Messenger of Allah, and he prayed for them to be blessed by Allah and to keep them alive." Muslim History (2147).